Cuban Missile Crisis of 1997
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A Cold War What If?

In March 1997, America anounced it's full commitment to begin testing of the Star Wars Missile Defense Program. Within months, Russia delivered six Oscar Class SSGNs to Cuba. In response to strong American protest, the Russian Ambassador issued a statement proclaiming Cuba had legally purchased the boats and his government no longer had any control over their operations. The NSA has briefed the President of their concern that this is a ploy to cover up another Russian attempt to introduce missile platforms into the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba and Russia have both been officially warned that any deployment of these submarines will be considered a threat upon the United States of America.

  Mission: Cuban Deception (5 boats)

[May 1997] The Americans have established a containment zone around the country of Cuba in order to prevent the deployment of SSGNs toward the Gulf of Mexico. US satelites indicate Cuba has stationed all of the newly purchased submarines at the Ciefuegos Russian Naval Base in the Gulf of Batabano. The US has notified Cuba through offical channels, that any SSGNs detected deploying toward the Gulf of Mexico will be considered an act of aggression and will be responded to with extreme prejudice. The US has also unofficially accused the Russians of providing crews to operate the submarines.
China and Russia have both gained world support for their claims that America is unjustly claiming rights to waters outside the internationally recognized 5 mile zone. They have accused the US of trying to control Cuba's right to operate in international waters. In an effort to minimize the political backlash, the US is relying heavily on it's unseen submarine fleet to enforce the containment zone.

Editor Notes:Single player or up to 5 players in Russian vs American [controllable boats are 2 Seawolf's, 2 Akulas, & 1 688i]. Each boat has individual tasking. This mission was intended for both online multi-player and single player. Contact should start in the first 30-45 minutes but events continue to take place for about three hours. {HINT: The situation is rapidly changing. Your radio is your friend}

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  Mission: Galveston Gambit

****Just Added****

[June 1997] A lone SSGN has escaped the US containment zone around Cuba and is believed to be operating somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Secretary of Defense has withheld this information from the press in fear of starting a full scale panic. News anchors on last night's broadcast of CNN reported unexplained losses of two Oil Tankers during last weeks tropical storm off the coast near Galveston, TX.
While US Navy is running out of time to find and disable the SSGN. The Russian government has complicated the situation. The Russian President has accused the US of attacking one of it's submarines on a port of call to Cienfuegos, Cuba. He has used secret channels to warn the US Government that they will exact retribution.

Editor Notes: Mission is designed as single player or 2 player Co-Op {US Boats}. Multiple sonar contacts to deal with. Mission goal is to completely destroy the SSGN. No strict time limit [2 hours used as guide]. Replay ability is high since the SSGN can appear in 4 different locations at the start of the mission.

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  Operation Vanguard

War is horrible and Politics are even more deadly. What happens when a powerful military nation is openly challenged and embarrased for the whole world to see? Reason is forsaken and revenge takes it's place. Governments have even started wars they know they cannot win. So, enjoy the victory while you can America - Operation Vanguard has just begun and your old friends the Russians are on their way!


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