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"Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won't have time to make them all yourself" - Alfred Sheinwold

These missions are being designed to build upon knowledge obtained in the original three training missions that were released with the game Sub Command. The training missions will hopefully help the beginner and intermediate level captains pick up valuable knowledge and learn useful operational tactics. They are intended to provide a controlled environment to practice or evaluate specific tactics or equipment.

Have any suggestions, tips or an ideas for a mission that would help others let me know.

Akula Training Mission #1

***Just Completed - Links Listed Below***

This mission will give insight to the uses and limitation of the Akula's broad and narrow Band sonar. It incorporates concepts of detection, identification, classification, speed determination and sonar limitations. Very useful to a beginner or intermediate player, especially since there were no Akula training missions with the original release.

Voice support is included but will have to be downloaded seperately. The voice support has been devided into four parts for convienance to individuals with slower connections. All four parts are needed and should be download if you plan to use the voice support.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The mission timing was designed around the voice support. If you decide not to download the voice support sound files you can use the provided text instead, however, this might cause some deviations in the timing of the mission.


Akula Training Mission #1 without Voice Support [88 KB]

Documentation In MS Word format [2 KB]

Voice support for Akula Training Mission #1

Voice Support Part 1 [5.2 MB]
Voice Support Part 2 [4.6 MB]
Voice Support Part 3 [2.7 MB]
Voice Support Part 4 [3.0 MB]

Note: The picture at left was obtained from the Blue Book (Published by Seawolves-2/01) Make a mental note or the #4 sketch {Positve Gradient}. This mission utilizes the detection zones.

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