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The following links are related to Sub Command or other submarine related material. the number of web sites dedicated to this game is going each day. On this page I have listed the ones that I know offer custom missions. Some more challenging than others. I will continue to add them as they are found and used. If you have a site that you would like me to include email me:

Download Missions by JamesT73J
This site is a posting of his own personal missions. I have played the firsy few and enjoyed them a lot. They would be enjoyable for the experienced and someone who is just starting.
Download Missions at 'Com Sub'
One of the best. If you can hit just one or two site then this one needs to be on your list. You can find links to the SCX Mod as well as tutorials, enhancements and custom missions. Great site that I highly recommend.
Download missions by Te Kaha
Te kaha is one of the re-paint wizards. If it looks awesome in the 3D part of a SCX Mod game then he might have been involved. His site carries some great missions with a focus in the South China Seas and New Zealand. Good place to go for skins.
Download missions at
Another fantastic site. If you are looking for custom missions then this one has to be in the top three if not at the top. If there is a custom mission out there then Bills most likely has it posted. Want a challenge? Try his personal missions.
Download Missions at 'Deep Simulations'
You can find custom missions as well as other items here. The missions are fun. Additionally, his book review is building and in the days of where anyone and everyone thinks they can write a book this is a good place to look before you buy.
Download Missions at Sub Culture
Oleg comes and goes in his missions design efforts but when he puts one out they are a must have! If you think you have mastered the game then you should try his missions. If you haven't they are great experience builders.
Download missions at 'Sea Stallion SubCommand HQ'
You will find a lot of custom missions on this site. Xabba is one of the good guys out there. He offers to post missions by creator that don't have the websites, so you find some good finds here. He is on the SCX team so this is another source to the SCX mods.
Download missions at SUB CLUB

The following links were provided to help players find other sites that offer custom missions. If any site owner has a problem with the the link or description please contact me and I will change or remove it.

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