Sub Command Missions
Con, Sonar... Contact Sierra 5 has opened her outer doors, Sir..
CON, SONAR...Torpedo in the Water, bearing 268!

Sonar, Con... Snapshot tubes three and four!!!!
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This site was created in order to post custom missions for Sub Command. Not only will you find some of my own missions but links to other mission designer's web pages.

You will find a description of the pages below. The links to each page can be found at the top of this page.


Training Missions
The sole purpose of these missions is to illustrate concepts and tactics. Of course weapons launch is optional. Give them a try and let me know if they can be enhanced.

Underwater Dogfights
These are pure action. No real purpose other than head to head combat involving a number of boats. While there is no true mission, most have required objectives that must be met.

The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1997:
Missions center around the Cubans aquisition of 6 SSGNs from Russia

South China Sea Trade Wars
China, russia and India ally to enforce an economic exclusion zone.

Related Links Contain:
1. Links to other sites with missions
2. SUB COMMAND related links
3. Research sites for mission creation

Map Pages Include:
1. Reference maps to areas of missions


10/7/02 - Added South African Theater to the Trade Wars (page #5). Four missions were included: SA1-1, SA1-2, SA2-1 & SA2-2

6/6/02 - Added 'The South China Sea Trade Wars'--(Page #5)

6/6/02 - Added missions: Nimitz Choke Point #1 and #2--(Page #5)

5/29/02 - Added missions: Bear vs Eagle to the Under Water Dogfights--(Page #3)

3/15/02 - Added Link to sonar info page. Click on the "snapshot" message at top of page..

3/15/02 - Added Galveston Gambit Mission

3/14/02 - Added: Akula Training Mission #1

3/7/02 - Added: two more links to other designer's web pages

Disclaimer: These pages are intended to enhance the feel and credibility of the missions. They are not intended to insult any person or country.

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