TRADE WARS - Triad vs Coalition Forces
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Trade Wars In The South China Seas

What if China, Russia and Iran allied and established an economic exclusion zone for the sole purpose of forcing Japan, Vietnam and the Philipines to surrender any claims to the South China Sea and the oil in it? Would the America and her allies offer to help them? Would they even be able to?


The South China Sea has always been the center of controversy among the China and the other island nations. Seven different nations lay claims over some part of the area. Most claims are disputed by at least one other country. Limited skirmishes are routine and many times go unreported by the world press, even when there was loss of material and life. This all changed with the signing of a single document. On July 5th, 2003 China, Iran and Russia signed a mutual defense agreement and formed an alliance that soon became called the Triad.

Each member nation felt compelled to join in the alliance to further their own political asperations. However, hidden agendas were the foundation of each and every action. Each member of the Triad held separate objectives that they intended to reach them no matter what the costs.

The Asiatic Triad: China, Russia, and Iran

China's plan consisted of Russian and Iranian forces defending her coastal flanks while it laid claim to the South China Sea and all trade traffic that passed through it. This became crystal clear during a two hour televised speech by the Chinese Ambassador. Russian and Iranian delegates flanked him at all times during the speech. Upon completion of his speech the Triad had declared a Trade Exclusion Zone.

This Trade Exclusion Zone was to include the South China Sea, East China Sea, Sea of Japan, and the Sea of Okhotsk. The Ambassador's harsh rhetoric warned the international community that with support from Russia and Iran, all unauthorized vessels found in the Trade Exclusion Zone would be either seized or sunk. China's first priority was to bring the strongest countries, Japan and the Philippines, to their knees first. China would then set her sights on the other AGEAN member countries. Once this Asian Triad had transformed it's eastern waters into an impenetrable exclusion zone, the Chinese would turn their full attention to reclaiming the renegade island of Taiwan.

China offered India assurances to remain neutral during any conflict with Pakistan and signed a non-agression pact with them. This was China's insurance that one of the regions strongest powers would not align against her in the situation.

Irans goal was simple. The spread of Fundamental Islamic views and retribution on the United States for percieved misdeeds. Iran's Military High Council assured the Religious Government of success and victory over the nation of infidels. Their Russian allies already controlled vast oil reserves that the world utilized. They were confident that China would succeed at controlling the oil in the South China Sea. Once that happened they would have the fincial and military support to shift their resources and aim to the Caspean Sea reserves. Once these three major reserves were under Triad the world would be at their mercy. Especially with Iran in the position to affect the flow of oil out of the Persian Gulf.

Russia's political leaders evaluated their options and decided they were few. China and Iran's desires almost guaranteed a military conflict. The Russian government considered the Americans impulsive and easily swayed. The Kremlin held little confidence that the people of the United States would tolerate a sizeable death toll even for their precious oil. The expected loss of life would be significant in any conflict, even if it remained conventional. If the US did withdraw their regional forces under China and Iranian pressure, Russia would be left in a weakened position. The Kremlin had to choose and they did. They chose the most advantageous path and combined forces with China and Iran. This was the best way to maintain a hold on their sphere of influence. It would also allow them to concentrate their land forces to the problem in Chechnya. The Russian military was still quite formidable but they brought an even greater force to the alliance. Their presence would most likely prevent the United States or Britain from using tactical nuclear weapons.

The Rouge Nations: North Korea and France

North Koreans thought themselves included in China's vision. What they did not realize was that they were but pawns in the Chinese Plan. Confident that the South China Sea was closed off to the rest of the world, North Korea invades the South with the blessings and support of it's overlord. The invasion, while anticipated by US Intelligence and the ROK forces, is quick and brutal. The reports secreted out of South Korea compare the remaining military to the WWII heroes of Bataan and Corigador. The US Intelligence knows that the Chinese are only using the North Koreans to evaluate invasion tactics and Coalition response ability. They will use the data to plan for their own eventual invasion of Taiwan.

France has once again redefined the term 'double dealing' with respect to world politics. They have refused to align themselves with either side in this conflict. The CIA and MI6 have warned the Coalition governments that there is a chance France will ally herself with Russia. In the event Coalition Forces lose control of the Persian Gulf and are unable to maintain safe passage through the Suez Canal, MI6 leaders have documents indicating France will ally herself with Russia to guarantee the safety of her supply ships and protect her from a potential land war in Europe. American intelligence also has evidence that France has negotiated an 'Arms for Peace' deal with the Iraninan government. French companies area also overtly and covertly selling weapons to Iran.

Committed Coalition Forces: United States, Britain, Australia, Japan, and the AGEAN

Uncommited but sympathetic countries: India and Pakistan.

South China Sea Theater-


On the June 6th, the United States Congress authorized and bestowed temporary war powers on the American President. His first act was to order the Nimitz Battle Group to withdraw from the Indian Ocean and plot a course for the center of the South China Sea. The president intended to demonstrate to the world, that the Triad could not enforce this so called Exclusion Zone. He listened to the advice given by the Secretary of Defense, a war hawk if there ever was one. The plan was ill advised because the administration never comprehended that the Chinese might not be bluffing. Two Chinese Surface Action Group confronted the Nimitz as soon as it came within sight of the Spratley Islands. The first attack of the Chinese forces was easily countered. These results only increased the CVN commander's confidence. He had always held a low opinion of the Chinese Navy. His arrogant views would now cost his men dearly. The Nimitz group gave chase as the Chinese withdrew from the engagement. It wasn'T until his own radar showed incoming fighters to the north that he realized his mistake. The Chinese faint had drawn the Nimitz and her support ships within striking distance of land based air units. "The error of an amateur", he thought. The Nimitz broke and headed east at flank speed. She was looking to the open ocean for relief. Relief that was not to be, as several Russian submarines had set up a picket line just east and in the direct path of the Nimitz.

---Mission Coming Soon---


The Nimitz Battle Group was attacked in the South China Sea by combined Chinese and Russian forces. The surviving ships were able to disengage but not before suffering overwhelming losses. The remaining Order of Battle consists only of the Nimitz, two escorts, one supply ship and an unknown number of submarines. The Nimitz has suffered critical damage. A fire is raging out of control in her hanger deck causing repeated secondary explosions. CINCPAC ordered a return to Pearl Harbor but after the last damage assessment the Captain has determined his vessel would not make the trip. The group has now turned and is trying to make it to Perth, Australia. Radio messages have been sent out requesting support. The distance has been reduced but the risks have tripled. There are numerous choke points that must be navigated. Everyone knows that each choke point could have a Russian boat waiting to be remembered as the one who sank the Nimitz - an American Super Carrier.
[EDITOR NOTES: missions utilize same objectives but different choke points. 2 US boats and multiple RUS boats to chose from. Intended for 2 vs 2 but can be played single payer from RUS side. This is a SWP compatible design. EST Time = 2 hours]

DOWNLOAD THE MISSIONS HERE:--Nimitz Choke Point #1--Nimitz Choke Point #2


United States submarines have been operating in the South China Sea against the combined Chinese, East Indian and Russian forces. The submarines are trying in vain to keep the shipping lanes open to American allies. The US Navy has established a small secluded base in Indonesia on the island of Ceram. The US is supplying their submarines from the USS Bridge (AOR-10).

Russian naval forces are planning a covert attack on the base in an attempt to destroy the USS Bridge and disrupt American logistics. The US has kept activity around the base to a minimum in an attempt to keep the base secret. The defenses around the USS Bridge are expected to be stiff.

Editor Notes: Allows for ALL OUT WAR (AOW) or CO-OP play. In order to maintain element of unknown the mission was intended for 3 against 1, however, mission will support 1 to 6 players. (Single player is possible but must choose a Russian boat). There are 5 controllable Russian boats entering the harbor from different locations. Any Russian boats not chosen will disappear from the mission. There is one controllable US boat. If desired, the Russian boats can be changed over to US to adjust the odds.


South African Theater

South Africa has always been a tactical target for any country who desired control of the worlds shipping lanes. It is no different for the Triad. Relying on Russias experience during the cold war, the Triad has once again propped up sympathetic governments in Angola and Momzibque. China has kept the majority of their military close to the South China Sea but has backed the African activities finacially.

Russia however is a different case. They are seeking a return to their prominence and their intelligence has told them the American navy has been reduced to only 40-50% of it's operational capacity.

Russian advisors have entered the central African countries in packs. The biggest surprise was a Chinese backed base being built in Madagascar with a small contingent of Russian ships.

South African leaders have refused Russia's offer for advisors and military support. They know that it would mean becoming a puppet state for them. They also are well aware that it is South Africa that the Triad truely wants. South Africa is standing strong. RSADF (Replublic of South Africa Defense Forces) are ready but they know that help must come from somewhere in order to survive. Will it be offered by Europe or the West soon.


You have just been given your first command, the RSAS Nceba Faku (SS1651). She is in top shape with a strong crew, and you'll need it. Tensions have risen after South Africa's rebuf to the Russian President's offer of advisors. You are to be deployed off the west coast to evaluate the Russian activity and you know only too well that even though the countries are at peace, it is too easy for a submarine to go missing...


[SA2-1] - Shadow a Russian Itel Ship
[SA2-2] - Prevent Cuban Intervention

[NOTE] These missions can be played as single missions but you will get the full effect if you play them in sequence as they are written]


You have just taken your boat, RSAS Assegaai (SS99) out of it's refit period on schedule and without problems. Your orders are taking you on a SpecOp that will challenge the training and expertise of you and your crew. You have entered the Mozambique Channel in order to recon a Chinese built base on the western coast of Madagascar. Knowing that your orders will cause you to violate the internationally accepted boundries of a sovergn country you must be prepared...

[SA1-1] - Harbor Recon in the Mozambique Channel
[SA1-2] - Spec Team Recovery

[NOTE] These missions can be played as single missions but you will get the full effect if you play them in sequence as they are written]

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