Underwater Dogfights
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There is only one choice you have to make..... SINK or SWIM?

Well, here is your chance to prove your tactics, strategy and test your skills. The following missions are pure head to head, torpedo in your wake, underwater dogfights.

Many of them distribute points to help determine the most accomplished captain. However, just as in real life, the true victor is the Captain that makes it home. Good Hunting!

MISSION: King Of The Hill
{1-5 Players}

Five boats start in the area of an underwater mountain peak. Each wants the hill but only one of them can keep it. Each boat gets 'Battle Points' awarded for reaching the peak. An aggressive captain will also be rewarded because there is a perimeter some 25 nautical miles radius out from the peak. If you make it inside that perimeter you will receive 'Battle Points'. The only catch is that the perimeter shrinks 5 nmi each 1/2 hour. To get the points you must be inside the new perimeter at the start of each new 1/2 hour. Of course, points won't matter if you sink all your competitors... That's the reason we're right?br>

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MISSION: The Gauntlet
{1-4 Players}

Two on Two... well kind of! Mission takes place along a deep trench somewhere in the arctic wasteland. Two Seawolf class submarines must run the Gauntlet and reach the other end alive. There are two Akulas that are determined to stop them from getting there. {Hint: What you think is out there isn't always the truth.}

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Bear vs Eagle #1*** Bear vs Eagle #2*** Bear vs Eagle #3
Combined Russian and US War Games

Russia has just become a limited member of NATO. The American and Russian Military Brass from days gone by are rolling over in their graves. An opportunity is now before us. War games pitting the best American submarines against Russia's Finest.

You and your crew have been selected to participate in Operation 'Bear Vs Eagle'. You will be operating against no more than 3 enemy subs and will be supported by as many as two friendly submarines in a limited 'Area of Operations' [AOP]. Each side has a surface vessel located some where on their side of the AOP. The vessels have been ordered to be inside the AOP prior to 1500 ZULU. The objectives are simple, locate and sink the opposing side's surface vessel, engage all submerged contacts trying to prevent this and do not violate any of the 'Rules of Engagement' provide in the mission orders (mission description). Do not embarrass your country. We are counting on you to show we are the best.

Editor Notes: This is designed for use with the SWP mod. There are three missions available. Each is the same with the exception of varying environmental conditions. This was intended to give up to 6 players (3 vs 3) exposure to different characteristics post-SWP mod. A two hour limit is placed on the action. Of course the participants may alter the ROE and time limit at their discretion. Good Hunting!

Bear vs Eagle #1*** Bear vs Eagle #2*** Bear vs Eagle #3
MISSION: Spec OP 02171
Special Operation 02171 --- The Russians have returned an Alpha Class boat to operational status. It has transited from Murmansk to the Vladivostok and then made a two week stop in Palana. While in Palana the boat was kept under cover so satellite reconnaissance was useless. Human intelligence has indicated she will leave on 16 JUN 2002 and perform sea trials in Shelekov Gulf. It is expected to test its limits while performing high-speed runs, turns and angles. In addition, the Russians usually perform an emergency surface during these types of trials. It is highly desirable that we collect as much data as possible to determine why the Russians have chosen to return a boat, considered by most to be a failure, back to their operational fleet.

Your priorities are to determine maximum speed achieved, collect sound recording of the vessel and if possible, obtain a picture of it on the surface. The picture will be used to determine if modifications to the original hull were made. This picture will only be useful at a range of 2 NM or less, making it a high-risk objective. Use your discretion. When you are confident that you have sufficient data you will exit the area and wait for further orders. Good Luck.

[EDITOR NOTES: Mission has 4 sound files that go with it. Unzip and place all files in your scenario directory. Mission was made using SCX but should work with V105 ]

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